Suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks [無断転載禁止]©

1Suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks2016/09/02(金) 22:05:55.86ID:sOUgZ+9Z
I'm suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks!! Supersonic terrorisms!!

2名無しさん@3周年2016/09/04(日) 09:37:10.27ID:kbBl51ED
How do you know that you are suffering from supersonic?
Where does the supersonic which you are saying come?
Can you feel that around your body???

3名無しさん@3周年2016/09/12(月) 20:52:37.71ID:A7r6Ps2R
Wha'ts?Only twitter?Atack mails?Mine Phone check Googles after Hot.Don't Mine.wom..

4名無しさん@3周年2017/03/23(木) 05:58:54.72ID:rHcmlXBm どらいぶ帳よろしく